The Volvo C30 is a Cheap Focus RS IN DISGUISE: Volvo 5 Cylinder C30 Review!

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A car company not always associated as a performance brand in the United States is Volvo. Volvo is typically known for it's comfortable interiors and incredibly sage vehicles. However one car that always slipped away from my attention was the Volvo C30 which was equipped with the same 5 cylinder motor as the Ford Focus RS in Europe shared! The C30 wasn't as quick as the Focus RS, but in theory this was the closest vehicle in America to the European brother. They shared the same platform, suspension setup, and much more. Also unfortunately known as the "car from twilight" the car didn't have the best reputation since it was driven by a sparkling vampire. So after all these years did we completely miss this Focus RS in disguise? Let's drive it and find out! Thanks for watching and new uploads every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday!
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