The World's Most Expensive Chauffeur Car!

The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf makes for a rather good way to head from @Speedy_Jeff's Mancave over to @Dan_Am_I's garage! As the most expensive 4-door production car ever made, I can find out whether the Aston lives up to the $1 million price tag while soaking up some epic hypercars along the way!

The original price tag of the Lagonda Taraf before options was £580,000 plus taxes; so £696,000 in the UK, approximately just shy of $1m in the USA a few years ago. The original plan had been to build 100 units just for the Middle-Eastern market, however that was expanded to a target of 200 with more markets opened up however only 120 were ever built.

Based on an extended version of the Rapide's platform, it shares the 540hp and 630nm 6.0 litre naturally aspirated V12 with ample performance but with a noticeable different character. Clearly targeted as a car to be chauffeur driven; it's quieter, softer and significantly more exclusive. However, it is fundamentally a Rapide, for a price tag of 5-6 times that of the base model.

Getting started from the Mancave, we are surrounded by Koenigseggs including the two Agera Final Editions and 3 of the 25 Agera RS models with the Phoenix, Valhall and Draken. In addition there's a CCX, two Pagani Huayra BCs plus a McLaren MSO X, Ferrari F12, Porsche GT3 RS and more. Then it's over to Dan Am I's garage, home to the epic trio of Paganis with the Cinque, Cinque Roadster and Tricolore, plus a full carbon Lamborghini Centenario and McLaren Senna.

As always it is a big thank you to @speedy_jeff and @dan_am_i for this opportunity, I recommend to follow them here:

Thanks for watching, Tim