This X6M is a 750HP Family Hauler - One Take

When BMW debuted the X6M in 2008 they called it a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC). This was a different designation than the X5, as the X6 had the sloping roof we see so frequently today. Utility was out, Activity was in, with Activity apparently being German for "less cargo space", or perhaps "carrying friends and family along at ridiculous speeds."

Jump ahead a few years to 2015 and they built the car you see before you, the F16 X6, which was built from 2015-2019. It's like a monolith of excess: big, heavy, powerful, and with less room than its relative, the X5, it's less useful. It weighs over 5,000lbs, and gets 19MPG on a good day. But I must admit, it has a presence on the road akin to a Grizzly bear.

F16 BMW X6 M

4.4LTwin-turbo V8 (S63B44T2)
Stock: 567HP/553LB-FT
Noelle tune + 93 octane: 750HP/664LB-FT

Dinan springs

Dinan cold air intake

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