Top 10 Coolest Cars from the 2018 LA Auto Show

There are tons of cars being shown at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show but we are going to find the 10 coolest automobiles.

10) Toyota Prius AWD-e – Why would a Prius make the list of 10 Cool Cars? Well this model sports a unique AWD system. The rear axle is powered by its own electric motor.

9) Mazda3 – One of our favorites at the LA Auto Show is the redesigned Mazda3. Mazda has gone upscale with a fancy new interior and a simplified exterior style.

8) Lincoln Aviator – People have been paying a lot of attention lately to the new Lincoln models hitting the streets. The reason being the automaker has upped their game with excellent exterior styling, fantastic interiors, better technology, and revised engines.

7) Audi e-tron GT Concept – This all electric sedan is built upon the Porsche Taycan platform. With 600 horsepower this car is set to take on the Tesla Model S.

6) Jeep Gladiator – Without a doubt the Jeep pickup truck called the Gladiator was the most anticipated vehicle revealed at the LA Auto Show.

5) Rivian R1T – Rivian brings to the LA Auto Show a couple of electric vehicle including the R1T which is a pick-up truck with a 400-mile electric range.

4) Porsche 992 – Power is up, the car is wider, and the styling is evolved.

3) Future Design – See what is coming in the future at the LA Auto Show design section.

2) Hyundai i30 n – Hyundai shows us what stock street car can become.

1) Tuner Garage – You get everything from a heavily modified Nissan GT-R, to a low rider Impala, to a lifted Cadillac Escalade and everything in between.

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