Top accessible attractions to visit in Glasgow in a Honda Jazz

As a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, and a big fan and user of the Motability Scheme, we gave Emily Yates – an accessibility consultant, travel writer and presenter – an adapted Honda Jazz for the weekend to visit her top five accessible spots in Glasgow. And with so many things to do and see in and around the city, including Loch Lomond, Emily still has loads of adventures to go on – even after living there for three years.

For Emily, being able to drive through the Motability Scheme has brought her so much freedom and independence – a special experience she feels should be shared by everyone – as well as adding security and reassurance to any trip she goes on. It’s also provided her with an affordable way of travelling – she no longer has to rely on public transport to get around or worry about car maintenance, servicing, insurance and breakdown cover as these are all taken care of.

Watch the video to find out what impressed Emily about driving the Honda Jazz, including its Magic Seats and Honda SENSING safety features, and why she recommends the Honda Motability Scheme to other disabled people and their families.

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