Turin Names a Street after Carlo Abarth

"In Turin via Carlo Abarth was officially named, in honor of the first 70 years of the Abarth brand and the strong bond shared by its founder and the capital city of the Piedmont region since 1949.

The attendees at the ceremony included Francesco Sicari, Chairman of the City Council, Sergio Rolando, Councilor for the Budget, Planning and Place Names, Luisa Bernardini, President of Constituency 2, Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat and Abarth brands, and Roberto Giolito, Head of FCA Heritage, who together unveiled the street sign for the section of road between Corso Orbassano and Via Plava. The headquarters of the Home of the Scorpion are currently located here, as is the Heritage HUB, which houses some of the most important vehicles produced by Abarth throughout its history."

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