Turkey's Unseen Supercars ft. The Makina & Enes Batur

On my final days in Istanbul, I'm visiting one of the best supercar dealerships (@yenikoymotors) in the city to pick up the DB11 V12 Aston Martin. We take the craziest supercars around the city. Before I leave we meet with my amazing fans at the Vadistanbul Mall and thanks to Turkish Airlines get business class back to Dubai.

Enes Batur - https://youtu.be/sP1s4nEvbtk
The Makina - https://youtu.be/dZ6H5D36Vuo

Thank you to Turkish Air (sponsored content)

Meet & Greet - @Vadistanbul / @omarbahlol / @carsandcoffeeturkey
Event Host: @erol.civan
Personal Security: @omega4omega @donauworth_leventagaoglu
Big thanks to: @tarhantelli

Music by:
Indeed by Bldgs