Two-wheeling with SEAT

66 years have gone by since SEAT designed its first car. Today the company breaks into future mobility with its new two-wheeler concept. Electric, connected and geared towards sharing, we take a look at the e-Scooter concept designed by SEAT. A new approach. A different mindset was the key to begin designing the new SEAT e-Scooter concept: “It’s a completely new vision. A motorcycle is much more interactive with users and there are many more ergonomic implications”, says Joan Melenchon, a designer of exteriors at SEAT. This was the first challenge facing the team that created the e-Scooter concept. More parts and more relationships between the elements to build an exclusive package. “For a car designer it was clearly an enormous challenge to create something for a public that is different to what we are accustomed”, explains Francesca Sangalli, the head of Color&Trim at SEAT.

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