Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle - The art of Parking

"A third of UK van drivers rank small parking spaces as their biggest annoyance, according to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. To help van drivers navigate these tight spaces, the brand offers innovative Park Assist technology.

But how good is Park Assist? Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles enlisted the help of parking world record holder and professional stunt driver, Alastair Moffatt, to put it to the test.

Finding a suitably sized parking space for vans is more than just a frustration, with UK van drivers being fined an average of £24 million a year for parking incorrectly.

To help customers overcome tight parking spaces and tough parking regulations, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers Park Assist technology across its van range, with the aim of reducing stress and enabling the driver to easily and safely park the van in its designated space.

To see if Park Assist can really park perfectly every time, professional stunt driver and parking world record holder, Alastair Moffatt, put it to the test, pitting more than 25 years of experience against the technology in the ultimate parking challenge."

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