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Car Buying Tips and Advice: What You Need to Know About Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Edmunds senior consumer advice editors Matt Jones and Ron Montoya talk about certified pre-owned cars (also known as CPO cars) and explain what shoppers should expect of them. Basically, they are still used cars and are not totally trouble-free.

Ron: Hi, I'm Ron and this is Matt. We're both senior consumer advice editors at Edmunds.

Matt, let me ask you a question. In your scientific opinion, what is the most common mistake that people make when buying a certified pre-owned or CPO vehicle?

Matt: That's easy: They think the car won't ever give them any problems.

Ron: Right. Just because you are buying a CPO car that has been given a "200-point inspection" doesn't mean that it will never give you any problems. Ultimately, it is still a used car. That said, these CPO cars are in better condition than your average used car. Plus, they come with a better warranty.

Matt, what are some things to think about when buying a CPO car?

Matt: First: Make sure you understand what the extra warranty is. Know how many miles you'll be covered, what's covered and how long the warranty lasts.

Second: Only a franchised dealer of that car brand can sell you a CPO vehicle. In other words, if you want to buy a CPO Ford, you have to buy it from a Ford dealer.

Third: A CPO vehicle will likely cost more than a non-CPO vehicle. But the good news is that the car often comes with a lower interest rate, too, and that can help offset the higher price.

That's our tip for today, if you want to learn more about CPO programs, take a look at this article on Edmunds: https://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/certified-pre-owned-cars-a-reality-check.html

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